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Sidewalk Repair

Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Greater Tri-Cities Area

If you have a concrete sidewalk or walkway that’s cracked or flaked, it not only looks bad, but it can lead to a fall or serious injury. The good news is the concrete does not have to be torn out and poured again to fix the problem. We can make your sidewalks look like new with our concrete resurfacing options.

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We resurfaced this flaking sidewalk with our broom finish package. The seal coat color pictured is Washington Gray.

Walkway Resurfacing with SUNDEK

Resurfacing your sidewalk or walkway is less expensive than ripping out and replacing your concrete surface. It’s also less messy and time consuming. Most sidewalks and walkways can be resurfaced with SUNDEK in just a few days.

When we resurface your sidewalk with SUNDEK, there are a variety of design options available. You can choose from many colors, textures, and masonry effects. To create a cohesive look, you can also apply a decorative concrete overlay to surrounding walls and pool surrounds.

A concrete overlay added to a sidewalk will last for many years when its correctly applied and protected by a sealer, even if there’s heavy foot traffic.

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